How to become a Gnarly Ambassador

We are asked every single day about how to become a member of our team.  It's a question best answered in one word, loyalty.
Our team is unique in the fact we don't just bring anyone on to promote our brand.  The team is comprised of the most dedicated and loyal customers, who believe in our product.

What We Are Looking For
Must be VIP Tier 2.  We are looking for individuals who have invested in our company and believe in our brand.  We are not in the market for individuals who are wanting to be a member of our team for discounts and free product.
Must be willing to abide by our team's guidelines:
We do not condone advertisement of drug use on social media or at public events.  We don't mind what you do in the privacy of your own home, just ask it not be broadcast on social media; as you are a representative of our company.
    We do not use sex to sell. Period.  We believe our company and product is the best, and do not need to rely on sexual imagery to sell it.
        We ask our ambassadors not advertise for other beard care companies, however,  you may use whatever you wish. Just not advertise it.
        Must be outgoing and maintain incoming sales quotas.
        Don't meet the qualifications just yet? You can join our Affiliate Street Team and prove yourself by clicking here JOIN STREET TEAM

          Team Member Benefits 
            Access to products at a discounted rate
              Monthly commission payout for sales
                Access to insider information and test products
                  Provided marketing material and business cards
                    Access to exclusive Ambassador apparel

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