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The Hot Shots Combo brings you 4 weeks worth of golden  goodness and the new hotshot towel that will keep the treatment hot at first,  from dripping everywhere, and will assist in closing your pores  as it cools, trapping and holding the benefits of the carrier oils to the root of the hair.

The Hot Shots Towel is a specially designed 36"x18" towel that is heated in the microwave and placed around the lower portions of your face over your beard. It has three primary functions.

1. Reduces and contains the amount of mess caused by the Hotshots Treatment

2. Initially adds more heat to the treatment, ensuring pores are open, allowing the contents to be absorbed by the root and cuticles of the beard hair

3. Causes a cooling sensation that closes the pores up, trapping the benefits of each carrier oil. 

With less mess, you can leave the oil on as long as you want before washing it out with a mild beard wash. 


Hot Shots Instructions:

1. Using a microwave, heat water in a microwavable bowl for 3 minutes.  DO NOT place vial in microwave

2. Place 1 vial in the bowl of hot water and let sit for 2 minutes

3. Using CAUTION not to burn oneself, remove the vial and shake vigorously

4. Empty contents of vial in hand and apply to beard and skin

5. Use a comb to ensure complete coverage

6. Lock in the heat by placing a steamed Gnarly Hot Shots Towel around beard and neck

7. Take a pic and post it to social media while letting the hot oil work its magic

8. Once cooled, wash beard and face in normal fashion

9. Pat beard dry

10. Apply desired Gnarly Beard product 


NOTE** Machine wash and open air dry. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY!!

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